FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

January 09, 2015

We are here to help and get you what you are looking for, here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process. If for some reason you feel we have not answered a question, please do not hesitate on contacting us and we will do our best to answer back as soon as possible

Is our product a sticker, a skin, case or a wrap?

No! Our product is a custom frame/housing for your phone which will replace the back housing of your phone, it is the best and real way to customize your device and make it look unique and luxurious, it will need professional installation since the device will need to be opened.

How do I install it?

We highly recommend our customer to find professional assistance for this, do not try to do it yourself because you might end up damaging your device.

What does "Parts Only" or "Parts + Installation" mean?

Parts Only means that you will receive your custom housing with the buttons and logo of choice in the mail, you will need to find someone local to do the installation for you, we do not recommend trying it yourself, this option fits better for international customers.

Parts + Installation means that after placing your order online, you will have to mail in your device to our shop, after we receive confirmation on your order, someone from our team will contact you in a prompted manner to give you instructions on where and when to send your device in for installation. We work and return all devices the same day we receive them here in our shop, so the process is very smooth and quick. (read mail-in orders at the bottom of the page for more information)

Returns & refunds

All sales are finals, no exchanges or returns accepted, if you ordered the wrong piece or you would like to change the color, please email me as soon as possible before we ship them item and we will try to do our best to change the item for what you want. The only reason why we will accept returns or exchanges is if we shipped the wrong item or if we did something wrong on our part, but HautePhones is definitely dedicated on providing great customer service and having satisfied customers.

Secure ordering & payment options

We make everything very easy to our customer; therefore, we accept worldwide major credit cards. Our checkout process is encrypted secured and we guarantee you that your information wont go anywhere. Some international and domestic orders might need verification and confirmation, if this is the case, someone from our team will contact you right away.

Payment & shipping

Our secured checkout process is encrypted, user friendly and designed for you to make the process smooth, simply follow the instructions and select your preferred method of payment. Shipping fees might vary.

How do I place an order?

​​Very easy, the website is designed to guide you and help you find what you are looking for, simply select your iPhone model and then the product/parts you are looking for, look at the pictures and select the color that you want, a cart button will be visible all the time at the top right of the page for you to review your cart at anytime, when you are done shopping, go to your cart and check out using our secured checkout process.​


If you want to customize your device but feel that you will not be able to do it by yourself, not a problem, you can mail your device to our shop and we will install all the parts required by you for an additional extra fee. The process is very easy, just select "parts+installation" when shopping for your parts, place the order and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible regarding your order.

For mail-in-orders, parts/installation must be paid in advance to ensure that we have the parts in stock and to secure your slot repair on the shop. Usually, repairs are done within 24-48 hours after device has been received in the shop and shipped back to the customer the next day.


*Actual color tones may vary slightly from digital images

Thank you for shopping with us. If you still have any question, please CONTACT US





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